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15 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans for 2023

An exhaust fan is an essential component of any bathroom, as it helps to remove odors, moisture, and pollutants from the air, keeping the space fresh and hygienic. With numerous options available in the market, choosing the right exhaust fan for your bathroom can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the 15 best exhaust fans for your bathroom, considering factors such as airflow capacity, noise levels, energy efficiency, and overall performance. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of the top exhaust fans available, enabling you to make an informed decision for your bathroom.

Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans of 2023

1. Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling Exhaust Fan

Key Features: Ultra-quiet operation, powerful airflow, energy-efficient, durable design.
Detailed Review: Discuss the WhisperCeiling’s features, installation process, noise levels, and user feedback. Mention its benefits for bathrooms of different sizes.

2. Broan-NuTone QTXE080 Ultra-Silent Bath Fan

Key Features: Ultra-silent operation, high airflow capacity, easy installation.
Detailed Review: Discuss the QTXE080’s noise reduction technology, powerful airflow, energy efficiency, and user-friendly installation process. Emphasize its suitability for larger bathrooms.

3. Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan

Key Features: Whisper-quiet operation, powerful airflow, easy installation.
Detailed Review: Describe the WhisperCeiling’s noise reduction technology, robust airflow, energy efficiency, and straightforward installation process. Mention its compatibility with larger bathrooms.

4. Aero Pure AP120-SL G6 Slim Fit Bathroom Fan

Key Features: Slim design, energy-efficient, LED light, humidity sensor.
Detailed Review: Explain the AP120-SL G6’s slim profile, energy-saving features, integrated LED light, and humidity-sensing capabilities. Discuss its suitability for bathrooms with limited ceiling space.

5. Broan-NuTone 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

Key Features: Combination of fan and light, affordable, easy installation.
Detailed Review: Discuss the 678’s dual functionality as a ventilation fan and light source, its affordability, user-friendly installation process, and compatibility with smaller bathrooms.

6. Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR80HLED Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Key Features: Energy-efficient, LED light, humidity sensor, motion sensor.
Detailed Review: Highlight the GBR80HLED’s energy-saving features, integrated LED light, humidity and motion sensors, and its suitability for medium to large-sized bathrooms.

7. Panasonic FV-08-11VF5 WhisperFitEZ Fan

Key Features: Quiet operation, compact design, easy installation.
Detailed Review: Explain the WhisperFitEZ’s noise reduction technology, compact size, user-friendly installation process, and its compatibility with smaller bathrooms or retrofit projects.

8. Broan-NuTone AE80B InVent Series Single-Speed Fan

Key Features: Budget-friendly, efficient ventilation, easy installation.
Detailed Review: Discuss the AE80B’s affordability, efficient ventilation performance, simple installation process, and its suitability for bathrooms on a budget.

9. Hunter 81030 Halcyon Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Key Features: Decorative design, quiet operation, efficient performance.
Detailed Review: Describe the Halcyon’s stylish design, quiet operation, and efficient airflow. Highlight its decorative features and suitability for bathrooms where aesthetics are a priority.

10. Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

Key Features: Combination of fan, light, and heater, energy-efficient.
Detailed Review: Discuss the RAD80L’s combination of fan, light, and heater, its energy-saving features, and its suitability for bathrooms in colder climates.

11. Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation Fan

Key Features: Versatile installation options, affordable, durable construction.
Detailed Review: Explain the 688’s flexibility for ceiling and wall installations, its affordability, and its durable construction. Highlight its suitability for bathrooms with unconventional layouts.

12. Homewerks Worldwide 7141-80-BT Bluetooth Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Key Features: Bluetooth-enabled, built-in stereo speakers, LED light.
Detailed Review: Describe the 7141-80-BT’s Bluetooth functionality, integrated stereo speakers, LED light, and its suitability for those who enjoy entertainment while in the bathroom.

13. Delta Electronics VFB25ADBT Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Key Features: Energy-efficient, adjustable airflow, humidity sensor.
Detailed Review: Discuss the VFB25ADBT’s energy efficiency, adjustable airflow options, humidity sensor, and its suitability for bathrooms requiring customized ventilation.

14. Air King AK150LS Energy Star Deluxe Quiet Series Bath Fan

Key Features: Energy-efficient, quiet operation, powerful airflow.
Detailed Review: Highlight the AK150LS’s energy-saving features, quiet operation, powerful airflow capacity, and its suitability for bathrooms where energy efficiency is a priority.

15. Delta BreezSlim VFB050B3A1 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Key Features: Sleek design, compact size, energy-efficient DC motor, motion sensor.
Detailed Review: Highlight the BreezSlim’s compact design, installation flexibility, motion sensor functionality, and noise levels. Explain its suitability for small to medium-sized bathrooms.


In this comprehensive review, we have explored the 15 best exhaust fans for bathrooms, considering various factors such as airflow capacity, noise levels, energy efficiency, and overall performance. Each exhaust fan offers unique features and benefits, catering to different bathroom sizes, budgets, and design preferences. Whether you prioritize ultra-quiet operation, energy efficiency, or a combination of functions such as lighting and heating, there is an exhaust fan on this list that suits your needs. By making an informed decision based on this review, you can ensure that your bathroom remains fresh, odor-free, and well-ventilated, enhancing your overall bathing experience.


Q1: What is an exhaust fan for a bathroom?

An exhaust fan for a bathroom is a ventilation device installed in bathrooms to remove excess moisture, odors, and airborne pollutants. It helps to improve air quality, prevent mold and mildew growth, and reduce condensation on bathroom fixtures.

Q2: How does an exhaust fan work?

An exhaust fan typically consists of a motor, blades or impellers, and a vent or duct connected to the outside. When you turn on the fan, the motor powers the blades to draw air from the bathroom and expel it through the vent or duct. This process creates negative pressure, pulling fresh air into the bathroom from other areas.

Q3: Why do I need an exhaust fan in my bathroom?

An exhaust fan is essential for bathrooms because it helps to remove excess moisture generated by showers, baths, and sinks. Moisture buildup can lead to mold growth, unpleasant odors, and damage to paint, walls, and fixtures. An exhaust fan promotes better air circulation and reduces humidity levels, maintaining a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Q4: How do I choose the right size exhaust fan for my bathroom?

The size of the exhaust fan is typically determined by the bathroom’s square footage. As a general rule, you should aim for one CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow per square foot of bathroom space. For example, a 100-square-foot bathroom would require an exhaust fan with a rating of at least 100 CFM. However, other factors like the bathroom’s design, ceiling height, and specific needs may also affect your choice.

Q5: Can I install an exhaust fan in my bathroom myself?

While it is possible to install an exhaust fan yourself, it is recommended to hire a professional electrician or a licensed contractor for proper installation. They can ensure the fan is correctly wired, vented to the outside, and meets any local building codes or regulations. Improper installation may lead to performance issues, safety hazards, or voiding of warranties.

Q6: How noisy are exhaust fans?

Exhaust fans’ noise levels can vary depending on the model and manufacturer. When shopping for an exhaust fan, you can look for the sone rating, which indicates the noise level. Lower sone ratings mean quieter operation. It’s a good idea to read reviews or consult product specifications to find an exhaust fan that suits your preference for noise levels.

Q7: Are there any additional features or options to consider when choosing an exhaust fan?

Yes, there are several additional features and options available for exhaust fans. Some common ones include humidity sensors that automatically activate the fan when the moisture level rises, motion sensors that turn on the fan when someone enters the bathroom, built-in lights for added illumination, and timers or programmable controls for convenient operation.

Q8: How do I maintain and clean my bathroom exhaust fan?

Regular maintenance is important to ensure the efficient operation of your exhaust fan. You should clean the fan blades and housing periodically to remove dust and debris that can hinder performance. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines. Additionally, you may need to replace the fan’s filter or grille if it becomes clogged or damaged.

Q9: Can I use an exhaust fan as the only source of ventilation in my bathroom?

While an exhaust fan is an essential component of bathroom ventilation, it is generally recommended to have additional sources of ventilation, such as windows or passive vents. This allows for better air circulation and helps to prevent negative pressure buildup, which can impede the exhaust fan’s effectiveness.

Q10: Can an exhaust fan be installed in any bathroom?

In most cases, an exhaust fan can be installed in any bathroom. However, the feasibility may depend on factors like the bathroom’s layout, and available access to exterior walls or ceilings.

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