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Best Kaff Kitchen Chimneys in India 2023

A kitchen chimney is an upright or squat chimney that has a heating chamber. Stoves, ranges, and cooktops all need a chimney are usually placed in the kitchen. Kitchen chimneys can heat your home with smoke so they can also be used to cook food then you can use a chimney to help you cook food.

A Kaff Kitchen Chimneys can heat your home so it heats up the air in your home and the air heats your rooms when you’re home. The heated air circulates around your home that making you feel warmer. Kitchen chimneys can cook food so you can use a chimney to cook food. The heated air then rises that heated air warms up the food so the heated air makes it cook faster.

The Best Kitchen Chimneys sometimes called kitchen hoods are a vent that goes above the stove usually installed above the stove and the kitchen chimneys help remove smoke, grease, and odors from the cooking area. The kaff chimney price is very affordable when it comes to buy a chimney for kitchen and there are many best kaff chimney models in which you can select the best kaff chimney.

1. Kaff ACE BF 60 Kitchen Chimney


Key Features:

  • 60 cm wall-mounted kaff chimney.
  • Airflow 1000 m3/hr. for twin baffle filters suitable for Indian kitchens.
  • Ideal for 2-4 burners and copper winding motor.
  • 3 suction speeds and Push-button control.
  • Curved tempered glass top and glass frame.
  • Dual LED lamps.

The best kaff chimney for the kitchen is the ACE BF 60 and it is a wall-mounted chimney with a glass or metal body. It has a curved canopy made of tempered glass so it is 60 cm wide and is perfect for gas stoves or hobs with 2-4 burners. The kaff ACE BF 60 is perfect for Indian kitchens so it is fitted with two baffle filters which are excellent at trapping oil smoke. Indian cooking involves a lot of frying or sautéing which releases microscopic solid and liquid food particles into the air. As the air makes its way through the curved paths inside the filters to the food particles stick to the panels while the gas escapes through the outlet.

  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable chimney heights.
  • Great warranty details.
  • Ductless
  • The suction power is very low.
  • Filter quality is not up to the mark.

2. Kaff Meta 60 Cassette Filter Kitchen Chimney


Key Features:

  • 60 cm Kaff chimney with Pyramid-shaped hood.
  • Dual aluminum cassette filters with 925 m3/hr. suction.
  • Two LED lamps and adjustable suction speed.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Suitable for 100-200 ft2 kitchens.
  • Moderate frying and grilling.

The Kaff Meta 60 is a wall-mounted chimney for small to medium-sized kitchens so it has a pair of cassette filters for eliminating smoke and odors. It is 60 cm wide and is perfect for 2-4 burner gas stoves. The Meta 60 features aluminum cassette filters so these filters comprise of a thick metal mesh with numerous tiny pores. As the air enters the mesh that the solid and liquid particles stick to its surface while the gaseous matter process out through the ducting. They also require more maintenance than baffle filters if not cleaned regularly then their suction can become weak but cassette filters do an excellent job of removing odors.

  • The sound quality is low.
  • Comes with a pipe of 2 meters in length.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes under budget.
  • No auto-clean chimney.
  • Requires ducting.

3. Kaff Mila DHC 60 Kitchen Chimney


Key Features:

  • 60 cm Kaff kitchen chimney with Heat Auto Clean Chimney.
  • Suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr.
  • 3 suction speeds and touch controls panel.
  • Baffle filters are suitable for Indian kitchens.
  • LED lamps or copper motor.
  • Curved tempered glass, metal, and glass body with matte black finish.

The next Kaff Chimney on our list is the MILA DHC 60 so it is a powerful wall-mounted chimney with a curved glass canopy. It has a 100% copper winding motor with a flame retardant housing and the MILA DHC 60 is designed for Indian kitchens so it is equipped with two stainless steel baffle filters. The body of the MILA DHC 60 is made of high-quality level so it has a simple yet elegant design. It has touch control buttons that give it a sophisticated look then there is a pair of round LED lamps for brightening up the stove area. They improve visibility and you cook comfortably so they are also eco-friendly and consume very less electricity.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Soundless product.
  • The touch control facility is there.
  • Requires exhaust duct.
  • The Inlet pipe is small.

4. Kaff FAB BF 60 Kitchen Chimney


Key Features:

  • 60 cm wall-mounted Faber chimney.
  • Suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr.
  • 3 suction speed and soft-touch buttons.
  • Heavy-duty baffle filters.
  • Curved black tempered glass hood.
  • Two LED lamps.
  • Matte black rust-free coating.

The Kaff Fab BF 60 is an efficient smoke-buster so it has a 60 cm hood made of curved tempered glass and it has baffle filters for tackling grease or fumes. For Indian families who cook regularly that this would be just the right chimney and it is a wall-mounted chimney. The metal parts have a matte black rust-free coating to prevent humidity-induced corrosion. The canopy has a curved black tempered glass and the front part of the chimney has soft push buttons. The motor does not create much noise and stays within 54Db then there is a pair of LED lights for keeping the stove area lit up. The product has a warranty of 2 years and the motor has a warranty of 5 years.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Soundless product.
  • Soft push button facility is there. 
  • Requires exhaust duct.
  • The Inlet pipe is small.

5. Kaff Astra TX DHC 60 Kitchen Chimney 


Key Features:

  • 60 cm wall mounted Kaff chimney with Dry Heat Auto Clean.
  • Suction capacity of 1180 m3/hr.
  • Heavy-duty baffle filters and suitable for Indian cooking.
  • 3-speed levels and touch control buttons.
  • Pair of power-saving frosted LED lamps.
  • Matte black finish and Max noise 62dB.

The Kaff Astra TX DHC 60 is a top-performing chimney by Kaff so it has Dry Heat Auto Clean technology and it has a 60 cm hood or a heavy-duty baffle filter for eliminating oily fumes. It is one of the best Kaff chimneys for kitchens in India so it has a powerful baffle filter panel for reducing smoke and odors. It captures solid and liquid food particles or expels steam and gas through the air vent. If your family cooks Indian food regularly then you might want to go for a chimney with baffle filters. The chimney has touch control buttons for managing its functions so it does not create much noise. For better maintenance the manufacturer recommends soaking the filter panels in hot water mixed with a small amount of dishwashing liquid or baking soda for about 15 minutes then this will help soften the grease.

  • Soft-touch control panels.
  • Frosted LED lamps.
  • Powerful Suction capacity.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • No oil collector.

6. Kaff Forma DX 60 Filterless Chimney


Key Features:

  • 60 cm low maintenance Kaff chimney with filterless technology.
  • Optical Airborne grease control zone.
  • Suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr.
  • 2-speed levels and soft push buttons.
  • Front panel with black tempered glass.

The final product on our list is a filterless chimney by Kaff called Forma DX 60 it is a sophisticated chimney with hassle-free functionality and it is effective against oil smoke and is suitable for Indian cooking. The Forma DX 60 is built with cutting-edge filterless technology which drastically reduces cleaning and maintenance so it has a slanted canopy with front extraction. It features a large stainless steel oil collector that detains the excess oil as it trickles down the chimney. The suction chamber has a wider entrance to allow more smoke to be sucked up at a time so it has a suction capacity of 1150 m3/hr. and 2-speed levels. For increasing visibility around the hob that a pair of power-saving lights have been provided.

  • Produce low sound.
  • Great warranty period.
  • Easy to install.
  • An installation kit is available.
  • High price.

FAQs of Kaff Chimney

  • Is Kaff a Chinese company?

It is an Indian multi-national appliances firm based in Gurugram, India.

  • Which chimney is better Faber or Kaff?

Kaff models and it feels better but for servicing Faber is better so any chimney with duct will give you best results, especially with Indian cooking then it is provided 5 to 10 meter long for disposal.


We have discussed all the important and relevant points of the Kaff chimney in India so those who have decided to keep your kitchen neat and clean should try the chimney of this popular brand and it takes the responsibility to keep your kitchen oil or grease-free for quite a long period of time.

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