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6 Best Prestige Chimney in India 2022

Prestige has made its name in being the largest kitchen appliances manufacturer in India, every product that comes out of a Prestige factory endures four supreme qualities of Safety, Trust, Durability, and Innovation.

In the year 2020, Prestige has made 19.37 billion rupees in revenue, these sales have made Prestige one of the biggest manufactures of cookware and kitchen appliances in India.

This brand started making pressure cookers just a decade after our independence in 1947, but since then expanded its business and now makes almost all the things you need in your kitchen pressure cooker, gas stove, mix grinder, chimneys, induction cooktops, and even cookware so the best Prestige chimneys in India are trusted by thousands of homemakers across India.

Top 3 Best Chimney in India 2022

Best Choice Premium Choice Value for Money
Prestige AKH 600 CN Kitchen Hood Prestige 90 cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney Kitchen Hood AKH 900 CB Plus (Turbo Series)
Why we selected it Why we selected it Why we selected it
  1. Auto-clean Technology
  2. Feather Touch Control
  3. Stainless Steel Filter
  4. 2+10 years warranty
  5. Unique Conical Design
  1. Massive Suction power
  2. Auto-Clean Heat Technology
  3. Feather Touch Control
  4. 2 LED lamps
  5. 2+10 years warranty
  1. Auto-clean Technology
  2. Aluminum Duct Pipe
  3. Stainless Steel Filter
  4. Baffle filters
  5. 2+10 years warranty
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Best Prestige Chimney in India of 2022

The Prestige brand has earned its trust in Indian homes from making good-looking utensils to advanced machines like Auto clean chimneys so Prestige has ensured Indians that they can trust the brand and they have never failed their customers.

In this article, we bring to light the best Prestige chimney in India for you to choose from the chimneys in this article are the chosen ones or chosen by keeping your requirements in mind, Requirements like kitchen size, suction power, and dimensions have been prioritized.

1. Prestige Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney




Key Features: –

  • It comes with a curved glass design.
  • Wall-mounted.
  • The medium suction capacity of 1000m3/hour.
  • Having gesture control feature.

The design of this chimney is made to suit any Indian kitchen and the chimney is made to heat the resistant tempered glass that looks cool in the kitchen, the housing and the suction pipe are covered by a U-shaped section made of stainless steel.

It provides a suction force of 1000m3/hour due to its good suction capacity that it can quickly make the kitchen smoke-free and bring down the kitchen heat.

  • Made up of stainless steel.
  • Shatterproof tempered glass.
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 10-year warranty on the motor.
  • Not good for large kitchens.
  • LED lamps may malfunction after a long time to use.

2. Prestige Chimney 90 cm



Key Features: –

  • 90 cm hood, suitable for 3-5 burner stoves
  • Built-in push-button controls
  • It is a Wall-mounted chimney.

The Prestige curved glass chimney is designed to look elegant in the kitchen, the stainless steel chimney and the curved glass design are the main components of its beautiful look. The curved glass has been tempered and made shatterproof to add maximum safety or the stainless steel design maintains the glossy look and prolongs the life of the chimney.

The Prestige curved glass chimney has a dynamic suction capacity of 1000m3/hour, this is good for small to medium kitchens since the hood is 90 cm wide but it can easily accommodate a gas stove of 3-5 burners.

  • High suction capacity.
  • Baffle filters provide easier exhaust.
  • The large hood size is suitable for a stove.
  • 1-year warranty on product and 10 years warranty on the motor.
  • Might be a little noisy at high suction speeds.

3. Prestige Chimney ( Auto Clean)



Key Features: –

  • It packs with an attractive front face design.
  • Massive suction capacity.
  • Industry best auto clean technology.
  • Boasts a timer function.

This chimney is fitted with a 200W motor that does the job of suction and the maximum suction capacity is 1000m3/hour although you can select between three suction speeds. The filters in this chimney are baffle filters, they are better than the mesh filters in that they allow good airflow and don’t clog. But they need to be cleaned whenever you see they are getting too dirty and simply washing them with soap water can help you get rid of the grime that sticks to the filters.

  • Timer function
  • Auto clean technology
  • 1-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on motor
  • LED lamps for better illumination
  • Free kitchen hood installation kit
  • Pricey
  • Getting a technician to install the chimney might be a problem.

4. Prestige AKH 600CN Kitchen Hood



Key Features: –

  • Powerful suction of 1100m3/hour.
  • Light touch controls.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Powered by a 60cm hood to cover 2-4 burner gas stoves.

The body of the chimney is made of stainless steel and the canopy is made of heat-resistant tempered glass, this makes it shatterproof and makes also the design look very elegant and classy in a modern kitchen setup. This chimney provides a good suction of 1100m3/hour and the hood size is 60cm, it is very suitable for gas stoves with 2-4 burners.

The filter of the chimney is made of stainless steel in a conical design and increases the area of absorption of smoke makes for quicker smoke-free action.

  • Unique conical design.
  • Silent even at maximum suction power.
  • Stainless steel filter.
  • 2-year warranty on full product and 10-year warranty on the motor.
  • Not suitable for gas stoves with 3-5 burners.

5. Prestige Chimney AKH 900 CB Plus



Key Features: –

  • Its Hood size is 90cm.
  • In-built Aluminum duct pipe.
  • Auto clean technology.
  • Suction power of 1000m3/hour.

It is a hood type of chimney with an all-black finish and robust design, the hood size being 90cm that can easily cover stoves with 3-5 burners, even with heavy grilling and frying the chimney can enable the kitchen smoke-free.

The glass canopy of the chimney has been tempered which makes it shatterproof and adds safety to the chimney’s design, this chimney has a powerful suction capacity of 1000m3/hour. It has three different suction speeds low, medium, and high which you can set as per your requirements, and even at the highest suction speed of the chimney is relatively silent.

  • Unique conical design.
  • Silent, even at maximum suction power.
  • Stainless steel filter.
  • Aluminum duct pipe.
  • 2-year warranty on full product and 10 years warranty on the motor.
  • LED lamp may not function after some years of use.

6. Prestige Kitchen Hood AKH 600CB Plus



Key Features: –

  • 60 cm hood size.
  • Auto clean technology.
  • Touch controls.
  • Wall-mounted chimney.

This is a high-end hood chimney and you are sure to fall in love with the chimney has a digital display, a touch control panel, and a stainless steel body has a mirror finish. The look of the all-black design is increased by the shatterproof tempered glass that is attached like a canopy.

The suction capacity of this chimney is 1000m3/hour and it is made possible by a 200W motor fitted inside the chimney while operating at high speed of the chimney remains quite silent.

  • All-black design
  • Baffle filter for greater suction
  • Economical 200W Motor
  • Powerful LED lamps
  • 2-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on motor.
  • Pricey
  • Oil collectors can get damaged quickly
  • Suction can be a problem.


  • Are Prestige Chimneys good?

Of course, they are good but Prestige Chimney is one of the most trusted brands in the sphere of kitchens appliances from every product that comes out of the house of prestige is highly reliable, exceptional quality, and have never disappointed their customers.

  • Which Prestige Chimney is the best?

We can conclude that the Prestige AKH 600CN Kitchen Hood is the best chimney in India of this popular brand and this tag cannot be agreed upon unanimously. We have decided it while considering some factors like budget, space available, type of chimney, and the required size of the hood but we think that this chimney is best suited for an average Indian kitchen.


The purpose of this article was to propel light on the best prestige chimneys that are available for purchase in the Indian market and we have described all the best prestige chimneys in India in detail. We hope that by now you have decided which chimney is best suited for you as per your budget and requirements.

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