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Best Silent Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022

A good exhaust system is certainly a necessity for every kitchen that said the majority of the resources point through the best kitchen chimneys. A kitchen chimney can be a bit worrying and noisy. I was also focusing on these specific aspects like “noiseless” & “silent chimney” but I never got any resource that tends to answer this question. The majority of them would always be product-oriented and hence I am here to address this specific aspect of the best silent kitchen chimneys in India which I believe would influence my readers.

After comprehensive research and interacting with many buyers so I can assure you that there is not an entirely noiseless product. However, the list that I am going to present below reduces noise drastically and to a certain extent that you won’t feel as if there is an exhausting process going on. Faber and Elica kitchen chimneys have dedicated silent technology which extremely reduces the noise. These are the only brands that have addressed the ongoing concerns and you can certainly consider the below brands as they will surely help you cook with peace of mind. Most importantly, these are highly rated with the majority of positive reviews.

Everyone tends to post articles regarding high-quality chimneys, however, they just focus on the term “noiseless” which a customer precisely wants. I have been reviewing and testing these models regularly and if I had to recommend only a couple of models of the most silent version then I had indeed suggested going with the below ones. You can see the models below and see the real-time customer reviews about how well these models have performed.

4 Best Silent Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022

1. Elica Deep Silence Chimney with EDS3 Technology



You might be wondering if the name is fairly appealing but is it really the most silent one? The answer is yes that this model from Elica is extremely yet powerful. The kitchen hood comes with sound filtering pads that give it noiseless suction capacity. It is specially designed to have minimal noise which is equal to zero to make your kitchen peaceful. Let us understand the EDS3 technology of this product and the soundproof filtering pads we discussed above have the EDS3 technology. Its linear lines intensified with the technology and perimetric panel makes your kitchen noiseless and an astounding pace it ought to be.

It has an impressive design with an easy touch panel and you will see some buttons which are basically for speed and LED light settings. All-access buttons are separated to render extreme comfort. It has specially designed three-dimension filter technology that covers a wide range and has a robust suction efficiency of around 360 degrees. It will keep your kitchen smoke and odor-free and absorb oil, grease, and smoke for all the sides.

  • Tornadic suction abilities
  • Three dimensions of filter technology
  • EDS3 technology
  • Super & Deep Silence Mechanism
  • Convenient Touch Control
  • Easily Accessible Buttons
  • Decent design
  • LED lamps & 3d filter
  • Excellent User Reviews.
  • Users Reported hassle in the installation process.

2. Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/hr. Chimney



Based on the nature of this article I will introduce the noise level feature of this product. The technology reduces and minimizes the noise level to the best of its suction capacity so you can enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience without any disturbance. You will get access to convenient push buttons and it comes with 3+1 speed settings that you can set as per your requirement in regards to lighting access that there are separate buttons to access lights. It has a sleek and stylish appearance that upscales the décor of your kitchen. It comes with an intensive speed function if you retain any special cooking needs.

It includes efficient LED lights that consume less electricity and render excellent light distribution. Since Indian cooking involves a lot of oil that Faber features the three-layer battle filter technology. This technology compels vapors to change directions and chop immediately. The product is super easy to clean, dishwasher safe and most importantly made of stainless steel among the best materials. It includes a 1-year warranty on the products and 12 years warranty on the motor.

  • Excellent brand
  • Super silent & effective process
  • Efficient Suction capability
  • Robust Motor capacity
  • Noise level dedicated feature
  • 3 Layer baffle filter
  • Easy control panel
  • Convenient Pushbuttons
  • LED display and lighting
  • Great user reviews.
  • Slightly expensive but the price is worth it.

3. Faber 90 cm 1000 m3/hr. Chimney



The next model we have from Faber is a dimension of 90 cm which is a decent size and can be easily installed in any kitchen and I had suggested you check the area before you order it. The noise level features maintain a calm environment in your kitchen ensuring you can concentrate entirely on cooking. It comes with a robust motor capacity of 250 watts that make certainly reduced noise and immense durability. The hoods designed by Faber are efficient to clean dirty air and airborne grease thoroughly most importantly it helps remove smoke, odors, heat, steam, and fume from the perspective through expulsion and filtration. Like the previous models that it include a three-layer baffle filter specially designed to eliminate oily cooking smoke and the LED lights are highly energy efficient.

  • Great Suction Power
  • Reduced Noise & Vibration
  • Easy Push Buttons
  • Convenient touch control panel
  • Robust motor capacity
  • Brand reliability
  • Extended Warranty.
  • Some users reported faulty products delivered.

4. Elica Glace EDS HE LTW



This is another model that I had to recommend from the Elica brand and all 4 of these models mentioned are amongst the best silent kitchen chimneys in India 2022. Though the features are slightly similar to the earlier model this one is available in a couple of 60 cm and 90 cm. You can measure the area in your kitchen and then select it as per requirement. It has all three features and technologies as the above model including EDS3 technology, noiseless mechanism, and tornadic suction power. You will get access to a couple of LED lamps that are highly efficient and it also includes the three dimensions filter. This model from Elica comes with trendy touch control so that you can simply access the features of the product and clean it anytime as per your convenience.

  • Extremely strong suction capacity
  • Deep silence mechanism
  • 3 Dimensions filter
  • Touch control panel
  • Efficient LED lamps
  • Brand reliability.
  • No cons.


Now the most critical aspect is the price and these models are slightly higher because of different technologies. However, you can expect even more than this. Yes, you read that right and most of the brands provide free installation and it is clearly mentioned on the website. If not then you should expect a considerable amount of expense which is entirely justified and installing a kitchen chimney does need a substantial amount of work and is a bit complicated.  This was all about the comprehensive article on the best silent kitchen chimneys in India. In case of any doubts or queries feel free to post it in the comment session below.

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