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Kitchen Chimney Buying guide and its Features

A kitchen chimney is an appliance that absorbs smoke, fumes from the kitchen make the kitchen clean or oil and smoke-free. In fact, the modern kitchen chimney adds style and décor to your modular kitchen. We are providing buying guide and tips to buy the kitchen chimney to choose the best kitchen chimney in India or you can use our kitchen chimney selector to choose the best kitchen chimney.

Types of Kitchen Chimney Filter

Depending on the structure-based that material and filtering process in the chimney filter types are classified into 3 categories:-

  • Cassette Filter
  • Baffle Filter
  • Carbon Filter

Cassette Filter



Cassette filter is made of aluminum mesh that is stocked on each other and the gap between the mesh allows air through it from the oil or grease particles in an airstrike to the mesh aluminum thread. These grease and oil particles slowly obstructed the mesh and affects the suction power of the chimney so that’s why cassette filters need to wash or clean once a week for better performance. To clean the kitchen chimney that immerses cassette filter in a bucket of detergent water for some while to wash with cleaner water and if need you can scrub too.

Baffle Filter



The baffle is a flow control panel and it is made in numerous curve structures when cooking air passes through these curves changes the direction of smoke air. During this process heavy grease or smoke particles, they are pulled down in a baffle filter and it is fully filled with grease or oil it hardly affects the chimney suction power.

Baffle filter chimneys are the best for Indian food items with “Masala food” and it is very easy to find baffle chimneys that look for the product description and search for the baffle. For example, the Pigeon sterling chimney is one of the best baffle filter kitchen chimneys. The baffle filter needs very less maintenance or needs to wash the baffle filter once in 3 months.

Carbon Filter



A carbon filter is also known as a Charcoal filter because it is made up of black charcoal and it’s mainly used for absorbing odor in the carbon filter. In case of reprocessing without duct that the chimney carbon filter is used along with the baffle filter or cassette filter. The oil or smoke particles obstructed inside the carbon filter and reduce the suction power of the chimney so they need to replace once in six months depending on the intensity of cooking.

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Types of Kitchen Chimney

What types of kitchen chimney are going to buy decision depends on the kitchen structure and construction were going to fit it and location of the cooking platform, hob and stove based on the capabilities where can fit and kitchen chimney is divided into 3 categories:-

  • Wall-mounted chimney
  • Island chimney
  • Built-in chimney

Wall Mounted Chimney

The wall-mounted type chimney is the most commonly seen in Indian kitchens and this type of kitchen chimney is suitable for Indian kitchens because Indian kitchen stoves are located on the wall side. This chimney is installed in front of the wall and these are designed for the traditional Indian kitchen where the stove is located near the wall. There are required ducting/pipes to get the air out or see also the Best chimney Exhaust Pipe in India for more information on ducting/pipes.

Island Chimney

Some kitchen stoves are located away from the walls and in the center of the kitchen is known as Island Chimneys. You need to keep in mind that island kitchen chimneys should be considered as you design your kitchen and we usually notice this type of chimney in modern kitchens. Island chimneys require a long drain pipe to exhale the smoke that you should design your kitchen accordingly.

Built-in Chimney

Built-in Chimney is directly fitted below the wall unit so that chimneys extra parts cannot be seen and extra woodwork has to do for these types of chimneys. Built-in Chimneys have to design for modern kitchens and people who are peering for compacters in chimneys to prevent the chimney from kitchen interior decoration.

How to clean the Kitchen Chimney

Cleaning the kitchen chimney is a time-consuming and too long task whereas cleaning the baffle filter is a little bit easier than a mesh filter, as well as the frequency of cleaning the baffle filter, is less too. You can use dishwasher liquid, baking soda, paint thinner, caustic soda and take the tub in which the chimney filter can immerse. The kitchen chimney fills the tub with hot water, add dish wash liquid soap or you can sprinkle the baking soda or caustic soda on the filter and immerse in hot water. Let it soak for half an hour to one hour depending on dirt and grease, so now take out the filter and clean with a brush or scrub if needed repeat the above process.

Feature use of chimney in Kitchen

1. Hood of the chimney

The choice of correct hood type depends on the size of your kitchen and where your cooktop is placed and wall-mounted hood chimneys are popular in India. A wall-mounted chimney is fixed on the wall above the cooktop.

2. High Suction Power

Before you make up your mind to buy a chimney that takes a peer at the size of the kitchen, ventilation, and your cooking habits. We have chimneys with different suction powers that start from 850 m3/hr. to 1450m3/hr. if your daily cooking has a lot of deep-frying then go for a chimney with high suction power.

3. Filterless Technology

Chimneys with filterless technology are gaining popularity in India as these chimneys do not have filters and there is no hassle of cleaning or making them convenient.

4. Auto clean Technology

A pioneer in the kitchen chimney brand that we introduced auto clean technology in India. Our auto-clean kitchen chimneys are designed in a particular manner that allows all the oil and grease to collect in a drip tray which can be easily removed, empty, and put back. The system using artificial intelligence does the cleaning on it possess without you having to even lift a finger.

5. Sleek Design

It has to choose a chimney that complements your kitchen décor and it gives a modern appearance. All our chimneys are made of stainless steel and have intensified glass top finish which makes them not just durable but also stylish.

6. Warranty and post-sales service

For the best user experience always check for warranty and post-sales services. As one of the leading chimney brands in India that we offer a lifetime warranty on the motors not just that with our annual maintenance contract then you can keep your chimney in good condition always.


The kitchen chimney is easy to use but knowing some safety features results in smart use of the chimney. As a result that you can figure better functionality from existing kitchen chimneys and at the same time be effective to use.

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