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Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption In Depth Analysis

Processing or planning to install a chimney in your kitchen? Concerned about the power consumption of your chimney? Desired to know how much electricity you need for your kitchen chimney? If yes, then no worries so we have covered every detail in this post which will definitely give you loads of information regarding the power consumption of a kitchen chimney.

How much electricity is consumed by a kitchen chimney?

As per our research related to the chimney, the electricity consumption of a kitchen chimney always depends on the model and its features. Usually, it differs from product to product but most of the kitchen chimney comes with a motor of about 250 watts of power. These motors are not that heavy-duty and you can easily estimate these motors with a motor of grinder or food mixer. Overall a good quality kitchen chimney can consume electricity of 450 watts if all the parts of the chimney will be running simultaneously.

Chimney Power Consumption with Auto Cleaning

The auto cleaning mode of a kitchen chimney can consume 15% to 25% more electricity on average a normal kitchen chimney running consumes 100 to 150 watts but auto cleaning can consume somewhere an average of 120 to 200 watts. You can also say that the electric consumption of a kitchen chimney is always determined by the time of your use and its features. Auto-cleaning is one of the most important or useful features of a kitchen chimney for maintenance purposes. So we will recommend going for an auto-cleaning features chimney model and most of the premium brand offers auto cleaning feature in their chimney.

Average Chimney Wattage Details

Here we will give you a detailed idea regarding how a kitchen chimney consumes electricity when it operates. As we already mentioned that the chimney moto runs at an average of 150 to 250 watts which totally depends on the suction power. If there is an illumination within the chimney then it will achieve extra 25 watts per light and most of the kitchen chimney comes with two lights so that the consumption would be 50 watts in total on average.

Nowadays most of the kitchen comes with an auto-clean feature which generally runs occasionally. During the process of the auto cleaning that the kitchen chimney consumes 100 watts of extra power then so overall power consumption would be around 400 watts and 250 watts for constant power consumption in the kitchen chimney while running.

How to calculate the chimney power cost in India?

Here we are giving you an example of how a running kitchen chimney power consumption is measured. So the formula is very simple and this is like-

(Chimney motor watts * working hours) * 30days/1000 = Kilowatt * Electricity costs

Lets’ take an example for a better understanding of this kitchen chimney power consumption formula. Suppose your chimney runs 5 hours daily and you have a chimney with a 250-watt motor. So the electricity consumption would be (according to our formula)



=37,500watts/1000 (as we know 1 kilowatt = 1000 watts)

= 37.5 kilowatt

If we assume that the electric cost is Rs.6/unit then the cost will be

37.5*6 Rupees

=225 rupees only.

So as per the calculation that we found the monthly kitchen chimney electric consumption cost will be somewhere around 225 to 230 rupees per month.

Details Regarding Chimney Power Consumption

  • With Regular motor Features

With a regular motor feature kitchen chimney that you can expect the power consumption of 150 to 200 watts and it totally depends on the suction power.

  • With Illumination Features

The illumination feature of a kitchen chimney will definitely consume an extra 25 to 50 watts of power and it totally depends on the number of lamps available in the chimney (generally most of the chimney comes with 2 lights).

  • With auto-clean Features

The auto-clean feature kitchen chimney will consume an extra 80 to 100 watts of power when the auto cleaning process works properly.

Does a Chimney consume a lot of power or electricity?

As per our research and survey that most people feel the power consumption of a kitchen chimney is very much affordable. However, the power consumption differs from model to model according to the features still it is worthy. Overall if you compare the overall benefit of a kitchen chimney with the power consumption cost then it is worthy of spending such an affordable amount for the power consumption of a kitchen chimney.

Duct or Ductless Chimney which will consume more power?

Before we discuss which chimney will consume more power between the duct and ductless that it is necessary to understand the working process of these two chimneys. Generally, the Duct chimney sucks the hot air or smoke and the duct pipe blows the air out of the kitchen. The duct chimney pipe helps to lead the air out of the kitchen room on the other side in the case of a ductless chimney that you have to use an exhaust fan to propel out the smoke from the kitchen. No doubt the Duct vs. Ductless chimneys work almost similarly but a ductless chimney takes more workload because it does double work like air in and out. So ductless chimneys generally consume more power than duct-type chimneys.

Technology and Noise Level

The noise level is always determined by the suction power to speed of the kitchen chimney and some other factors like model type or functions also depend. We researched a lot and found that most of the latest technology based on the kitchen chimneys consumes less electric power or energy and produces less noise.

So always go with the latest technology-based chimney for your kitchen which comes under advanced technology and lower noise. Sometimes the noise also depends on the maintenance of the chimney but if you don’t clean your chimney then the noise can be irritating you a lot. So you should focus and realize how to clean a chimney at home so that you can take care of your chimney in your home for log use with better efficiency.

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