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What is Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney or Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Chimney?

Kitchen Chimneys are one of the most used kitchen appliances because it helps to detach the smoke and bad odors from the kitchen so that it can maintain the hygiene of the kitchen. So you can say that a kitchen chimney is a kind of kitchen cleaner because it removes the dirt from the entire kitchen then the layer of dirt settles on it too but it is very difficult to clean and also time-consuming.

But the newly invented auto clean game-changing technology makes it more convenient to use and enhances the chimney’s efficiency and in this article that you are going to know about the auto clean technology in detail? And also make a difference between the auto clean chimney and normal kitchen chimney with their advantages and disadvantages so without any further delay let’s get straight into it.

What is an auto-clean chimney? How does auto clean kitchen chimney work?


A chimney is a kitchen appliance that can blow out all the smoke or oil particles from the kitchen while cooking to keep the kitchen clean and odor-free but during the time of suction the smoke and oil particles are trapped on the filter, blower, and on the surface of the chimney and it requires much effort and time to clean the kitchen chimney manual then this advanced auto clean technology comes into play which helps to clean the chimney automatically.

Basically, an auto clean chimney cleans by using heat and when we turn on the auto-clean feature the whole chimney gets hot especially near the blower wall and blower itself. Because the blower obtains all the smoke and oil particles towards itself and some particles stick to the wall and the blower, when the heating operation is done then all sticky particles are collected in a special container called oil collector.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Auto Clean Chimney

As you know that if anything has a certain amount of advantages so it also has a certain amount of disadvantages. So let’s examine its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of an Auto Clean Chimney

1. Improved Performance

The first and foremost advantage is auto clean improves the performance of the chimney so if I take an example of traditional chimneys then they are not equipped with an auto-clean feature that’s why the oil particles get stuck on the filter and also on the blower and cause clogging in less time and it can decrease the performance of the chimney.

2. Suction capacity is much higher than auto clean technology

When the blower sucks the smoke and oil particles stick to the surface of the blower and chimney because there is no auto clean technology available those particles can clog the chimney very quickly and slow down the performance that’s why in traditional chimneys for a motor with a lower suction capacity was used to slow down the clogging process. But this is not the case with the latest chimneys equipped with auto clean technology because this technology helps clean the chimney regularly so there is no problem with clogging and that’s why these chimneys are equipped with dynamic motors which can deliver high suction capacity.

3. Good for all types of kitchen

As we discussed the above factor that the traditional chimneys have a low suction capacity to slow down the clogging process. But auto clean chimneys come with a high suction capacity of the motor that’s why auto clean kitchen chimneys are much more efficient for large kitchens.

4. Required Almost Zero Maintenance

Because auto clean chimneys can clean the whole chimney and all the impurities are collected on the oil collector so you just have to clean the oil collector but when it occurs to old chimney models which are not equipped with auto clean technology then these chimneys need manual cleaning which not only requires much time but it also requires much effort to complete the tasks.

5. Much efficient than normal chimneys

An auto clean chimneys are equipped with a very higher suction capacity of motor than a normal chimney that’s why these chimneys are much more efficient than traditional chimneys, so if you have a large size of the kitchen then low suction capacity is not enough then you need a chimney with very high suction capacity so that it can maintain the hygiene of the kitchen.

6. Lifespan is also higher than normal chimneys

Auto clean technology helps decrease the process of clogging which improves the chimney’s performance and extends the lifespan. But when it comes to traditional old chimneys then they did not have any auto clean technology and that’s why clogging happens very often which degrades the performance and also shortens the lifespan of the chimney.

Disadvantages of an Auto Clean Chimney

Expensive and Not Cost-Effective

Traditional chimneys are not as advanced as auto clean chimneys that’s why auto clean chimneys are much more expensive than auto clean technology and also normal chimneys are equipped with a motor that is not as powerful as auto clean technology so they utilize less electricity as compared to an auto clean chimney’s motor.

Types of Auto Clean Chimney According to Filter

According to the filter, there are two types of chimneys available in the market:-

1. Baffle Filter Auto Clean Chimney

A chimney with a baffle filter requires more maintenance than a filterless chimney. Baffle filters need cleaning every 3 months of use but these chimneys are much more efficient and good for heavy frying and grilling.

2. Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

These chimneys come with a filterless design so there is no need for filters anymore so that’s why they require almost no maintenance but these also are not capable of handling heavy frying and grilling operations.

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Difference between an auto clean chimney and a normal chimney

Here we have also prepared a comparison table for better understanding.

Factors Auto Clean Chimney Normal Chimney
Maintenance RequiredBecause it has auto clean technology so it requires less maintenanceIt requires cleaning more frequently
Motor with their suction capacitySuction capacity is moreLess
Lifespan of chimneyBecause it’s a maintenance-free chimney so the lifespan is also highLife span is less
PerformanceHigh performanceLower as compared to auto clean chimney
Which is most cost-effectiveExpensiveLess expensive
Where you can use these chimneysThese chimneys are good for large sizes of kitchensBecause it has a low suction capacity that’s why these are good for small kitchens

FAQs: What is auto clean technology in chimneys?

  • Is an auto-clean chimney better?

Auto clean on the kitchen chimney helps to clean the chimney automatically and reduces clogging and it also helps to improve the performance of the chimney. But because the auto clean chimney is one of the latest attributes that’s why the price is a bit higher but seeing the benefits that we get from it then we can say that auto clean chimneys are much better than normal chimneys.

  • How does an auto-clean chimney work?

An auto clean chimney is a technology that assists to clean the chimney and when we press the auto clean button the entire chimney gets heated especially near the blower due to which the sticking oil and other particles melt and get placed on the oil collector. The whole auto-clean process takes 10 to 15 minutes and after the process is done then you just have to remove the oil collector and clean it.

  • How often do you need to clean your chimney?

It depends on your usage that if you are often preparing dishes that require heavy frying and grilling then you need to auto-clean your chimney within a week but if you prepare the dishes that need less oil and spices then you can also auto clean twice a month or once in a month is enough, so the better answer is you auto clean kitchen chimney according to your usage.


In this article that we have provided a detailed guide regarding what is auto clean chimney. So if you have any doubt in respect of this guide then let me know in the comment box.

So now also you are confused and you are not able to understand what is auto clean technology in a kitchen chimney then I will tell you once again that. Auto clean is technology that helps to clean the chimney automatically with the help of heat so it reduces the cleaning process of the chimney.

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